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"The Role of Islam in the Development of Education, Economic, Language,
Law, and Politic for Human Civilization"


Entering the beginning of 2018 the Islamic world is now moving towards change towards the advancement of civilization. These changes need to be addressed together, especially in the development of science. Thus, literacy and research activities support civilization.
For this reason, STIBA Ar-Raayah in collaboration with Ibn Khaldun University (UIKA) in April 2018 held an international seminar with the theme “The Role of Students in Developing Scientific Culture and Innovation in Education, Economy, Language, Law and Islam-based Politics in 2018”.
This international seminar activity is part of scientific activities that aim to develop science and improve the quality and quantity of research. In addition, the holding of seminars is also expected to improve the quality of researchers.
At this international seminar, selected papers will be published in the form of a procedural form with the hope of enriching the repertoire of knowledge.

6th INCISST – 2024

International Conference on Islamic Studies
(Education, Economic, Law and Politic for Human Civilization)


Conference Scope

Islamic Faith
Islamic Law and Sharia
Islamic Education
Islamic Economic
Islamic Commucation and Da’wa
Arabic Language
Education Technology

International Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. KH. Didin Hafidhuddin, Indonesia.
Dr. Abdullah Turki Al Yahya, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Thoriq, Kuwait.
Dr. Nassila Ben Said Hassan, Union of the Comoros.
Dr. Budiansyah, Indonesia.
Dr. Ahmed Abdelrazek El Khatib, Egypt.
Salihu Musa Jibo, Ph.D,. Sudan.
Dr. Abd. Rohim, Indonesia.
Dr. Syirojul Huda, M.Ag., Indonesia.
Syekh Mohamed El Mustafa Abdel Gabar, M.A,, Sudan.



Arif Taufiqurrahman, M.Ag.
Hisan Mursalin, M.Pd.

Technical Chainperson

Rizal Firdaus, M.Pd.I.
Fahmi Ridha, M.Pd.
Mada Wijaya Kusumah, M.Pd.


Dr. Syirajul Huda Ma’mun, M.Ag.
Dr. Budiansyah
Arif Taufiqurrahman, M.Ag.
Rizal Firdaus, M.Pd.I

Fahmi Ridha, M.Pd.
Muhammad Abdul Halim, M.Pd.

Jajat Sudrajat, M.Pd.
Hisan Mursalin, M.Pd.
Nuradi, M.E.
Muhammad Ni’amul Hanif, M.Pd.

Mada Wijaya Kusuma, M.Pd.
Tatang Hidayat, M.Pd.
Muhammad Khanif, M.Pd.
Fajar Shidiq, M.Pd.
Hadil Ismail Hasan, M.Pd.
Dian Abdillah, M.Pd.
Mulyadi, M.Pd.
Abdullah Aziz, M.Pd.
Dzulkhaidir, M.E.
Muhammad Furqon, M.Pd.
Asep Ahmad Saepudin, M.Pd.
Haryanto, M.Pd.
Kristiana, M.Pd.
Evi Khulwati, M.Pd.
Ratna Saadiyah Sagala, M.A.
Halim Faqihuddin, M.E.
Astian Jehan Maulana, S.E.
Muhammad Jamaludin Al Ayubi

Important Date

International Conference on Islamic Studies – 6th INCISST 2024

Deadline Registration

until 28, 2024

Deadline for Paper Submission Payment

May 28, 2024

Information of Full Paper Acceptance

May 29, 2024

Deadline for Latest Payment

May 28, 2024

Conference will be Held on
Hybrid Conference (Online & Offline)

June 1, 2024

Invite Keynote Speaker

International Conference on Islamic Studies – 6th INCISST 2024

Prof. Dr. H. Rosihon Anwar, M.Ag.


Invite Speakers

Prof. Dr. H. Wildana Wargadinata, Lc., M.Ag.


Prof. Dr. Saad Alrashid


Dr. Ahmed Abdelrazek


Dr. Ahmad ‘Abdul Hadi


Hadil Ismail Hasan, M.Pd.



International Conference on Islamic Studies – 6th INCISST 2024

int. presenter

250.000 IDR


25.000 IDR

Method of Payment

Bank Transfer to BSI, INDONESIA (Official Register INCISST)
Account Name : STIBA AR-RAAYAH
Account Number : 8500950097
Every participant and presenter will receive an E-Certificate

Confirmation of Payment:
ASTIAN JEHAN MAULANA, S.E. – 0813 1719 5789 [WA]


International Conference on Islamic Studies – 6th INCISST 2024

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